We build cool blogs & use innovative email marketing strategies to monetize them!

Welcome to the world of Manalytics. Do you have customers with email addresses? Why don’t you build a blog and use it to stay in touch with them using interesting and relevant information? Or don’t and risk them finding your competition! Slide right for more information >>>

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Content is King, and by sending great content to your potential customers you are more likely to make a sale!

Our Read2Lead™ product focuses on turning great content into a sale. Find out more about our Read2Lead™ email marketing product by clicking VIEW MORE or catch our video in the top navigation bar.

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Less than 10% of people who click from an email to an online form, end up completing the form! Seems like a waste?

With Click2Call™ you don’t need to use an online form to generate email leads. Find out more about our Click2Call™ email marketing product by clicking VIEW MORE or catch our video in the top navigation bar.

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The easiest way to find out if your customers are interested in your product or service is to ask them, via email.

Send an SMS styled marketing message into an email inbox to generate leads. Find out more about our SMS4Email™ email marketing product by clicking VIEW MORE or catch our video in the top navigation bar.

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How cool would it be to use your email marketing link clicks in a social media re-marketing campaign?

Our Email2Social™ product allows you to use email link clicks to re-market to your audience on social media. That means your email marketing campaign has legs, well after the initial send. Watch our video in the top navigation bar, or VIEW MORE below.

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    Maslow And His Hierarchy Of Needs

    If you aren’t familiar with Maslow and his hierarchy of needs, here is the low down: Maslow (an American Psychologist) believed that every human has a set of needs, which are tiered in terms of importance (and often visually represented in a 5 level pyramid). Biological and physiological needs like... Read more →

    The Leaky Bucket Theory

    The leaky bucket theory is a model that seeks to describe “customer churn”. In order to grow a business you need more new customers than you are losing to your competitors – the difference is the churn. Guess what the prescribed magic fix is? Customer relationship management. Just three words.... Read more →

    “What’s In It For Me?”

    As marketers we often forget that this is the question our audience will be asking whenever they receive our communication – “What’s in it for me?” In actual fact, it’s a question we all ask ourselves on a daily basis, without even being fully aware of it: “John wants me... Read more →

    Nobody Cares About Your Product Or Service 🙁

    When you finally understand that people don’t care about your products or services, and that all they care about are their needs, you will turn the proverbial marketing corner. It’s a helluva tough pill to swallow, isn’t it? Our role as marketers isn’t to sell people products or services. Our... Read more →

    The Giver 

    It’s really tough to produce something of value and give it away for free. Why is that exactly? In a dog-eat-dog world, where time is money, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch – the idea of handing something of value away, for free, seems down-right idiotic. Surely... Read more →

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