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The Moment You Realize You’ve Still Got Marketing Budget, But F#*# All Options

We’ve all experienced that harrowing moment when you realize you still have loads of marketing budget, but every channel you’ve explored has come up short (it’s time to reach for that rooi wyn and pack of styvie blues!). And clients can be uncompromising, can’t they? So what the hell do you do when you still have loads of marketing budget left in the month, but very few tricks left up your sleeve?

It’s our role as marketers to take our clients spend and get the best possible return on that money, right? I mean, in essence our job is nothing more than identifying the right target audience, positioning the correct message to that group, and then delivering the cheapest knockout message (with the most oomph) in order to drive as many people as we can towards a decision (and 90% of the time that decision ultimately needs to be a buying decision).

I mean it’s easy…yeah, right!

We all “sweat bullets” for our clients, and for the most part,we generally get it right 95% of the time. But, if I had R10 000 bucks for every time a campaign has run 100% smoothly, without any hiccups, I would have already retired on a tropical island, rocking my tie-dye vest and working on my plan to open a gin distillery.

The fact is, things seldom pan out exactly the way we want them to (in business and in life) and the smartest marketers I know are the most agile ones (and also those with the most contacts).

So back to the burning question?

What do you do if you have loads of marketing budget left and you’ve exhausted all your existing options?


I mean, how cool would it be to pick up the phone and book some budget with a channel you know delivers?

It should be as easy at that, but here is the real problem…

Marketers aren’t necessarily the best communicators or even great networkers.

The above-the-line agency guys seldom talk to the below-the-line guys. The dudes running banners and booking impressions seldom chat to the social media guys, who seldom talk to the direct marketing guys, who never talk to the paid search boys.

You get my drift?

Everybody is fighting for their own piece of the client pie (and like greedy school children, nobody is looking to share any of the cake)

Seems a little silly to me that we all face exactly the same problems when it comes to spending client budget, but yet we seldom look beyond our areas of expertise for fresh, interesting, and more importantly, potentially prosperous long-term partnerships?

Here is a perfect example of what I am getting at:

A good client of ours has a very strong relationship with a major SA telecoms company. He is a banner display dude and at a certain point last month ran up against a brick wall when it was pretty apparent he had more cellphone enquiries to deliver than days left in the month.

We’ve all experienced that sickening feeling!

So what did he do? He picked up the phone and called on a channel he knows will deliver for him.

We built a marketing plan that met his brief, executed it on behalf of him and absolutely killed it for the cellphone provider.

Banner guy needs help, so he turns to the direct marketing guys to assist. And we know we can call on him for exactly the same assistance.

We are the very best at what we do (if you don’t know what that is, click here) and I’m assuming you feel the same about what you do? If getting the best possible result for your clients is always your number one priority, perhaps we should be chatting and seeing what type of synergies exist.

Or we can just keep hitting the rooi wyn and styvie ten packs when we still have budget to spend and nobody to call.

Drop us a line if you are keen to see what synergies might exist.


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