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Pick Your Peeps And Place Your Email Order In 90 Seconds

Imagine for a second that you could jump online, use a nifty data segmentation tool to help you identify your exact target audience, request a quote on how much it will cost to market into that data, and confirm your booking…all in less than 90 seconds. That would indeed be the answer to a marketers prayers, right? Well it’s time to get off your knees and stop looking towards the skies for an answer from the marketing Gods because we’ve built that online data segmentation tool for you. In this blog post I am going to run you through 3 easy steps you can follow to find the data you want to market into, put in a request for a quote and have us knock out your direct marketing campaign.

Step 1 – Click on the link below


Step 2 – Use our online data segmentation tool to find your target audience

Once you have clicked through to our online data segmentation tool, you can start using our filters to identify the exact target audience for your direct marketing campaign.We’ve got 7 general filters that you can use and 7 additional filters.

Let’s start with the general filters:

Filter via:

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Race
  4. Marital Status
  5. Area
  6. Income
  7. Employment Status

Then we have 7 additional filters:

  1. People who have a credit card
  2. People who have a personal loan
  3. People who own a home
  4. People who own a car
  5. People who are Directors
  6. People who have insurance
  7. People who have cellphone contracts

Let’s look at a quick example to illustrate how powerful this data segmentation tool is:

Let’s assume that I am a media planner for a car brand that is looking to target females, living in Johannesburg, under the age of 40, by using a promotional mailer to secure test drive bookings.

Naturally we use the ‘gender’ filter to knock out all the guys from the search. Then we use the ‘age’ filter to exclude anyone who is older than 40 and finally the ‘area’ filter to pick Johannesburg only. Hit the submit button and run the search.

Viola…the data segmentation tool returns a data count of 106 204.

That means as a media planner I now know that there is an opportunity to market, via email, into a data set of 106 204 people, who meet the marketing brief.

Pretty nifty, right?

Step 3 – Request A Quote / Make A Booking

Once you have identified your target audience and have a view on the data count, the next step is to request a quote or make a booking. You just click on the link “request a quote or make a booking” and you will be redirected to a quick order form. Take 20 seconds to provide us with your details and hit ‘submit’. Your request will ping off to us via email, with the data segment you want to fire your marketing message into and naturally the next step is for us to get in touch, confirm the order and pricing and get your campaign ready to rock ‘n roll.

There isn’t much more to say except this – use the tool, find the audience you want to market into and let us get back to you with a costing and a timeline in terms of when we can make it all happen.

Happy data segmentation days are here for good.

Enjoy using the tool and drop us a line if you think we can add anything to it.

Until next time.


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