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How To Generate Leads From Your Email Base Until The Cows Come Home

Can you run an email marketing, lead generation campaign over an extended period of time, without causing database fatigue? Yes you can, but you gotta be smart about it. Here are 5 tips to make sure your email marketing campaign generates leads until the cows come home:

  1. Find out if it works

If you are battling to generate leads from your email marketing campaign from day one, bin it quickly and move onto something that works. Don’t waste your time with stuff that clearly isn’t grafting. The data seldom lies, and if you have a product or service that your database actually likes, trust me when I tell you that you will see it in the results really early on. To get anything to work over the long-term, you need sufficient evidence, from the beginning, that it has legs. Find what works in your base and do more of it.

2. Pace your email sends

The problem with trying to run a marathon at a flat out pace from the time the gun cracks off, is that you are going to be out of gas early on in the race and will probably find yourself in one of those roadside tents nursing a  glucose drink from a pink “sippy mug”. The same can be said for database marketing. Hit the base too hard and you aren’t going to be left with anything over the long-term. The first thing you need to do is work out how often you want the base to receive your marketing material. Then establish how many leads you will generate from each send and then plan out a long-term delivery strategy.

A quick mental Q&A session will generally suffice.

Q) How often do I want to email my base this offer?

A) Once a month

Q) How many sends will I need to do a day?

A) 50 000, if I have a database of 1 000 000 and want to send evenly over 20 working days

Q) How many leads do I generate per 50 000 email sends?

A) +/- 70 leads

Q) How many leads in a full send per month?

A) 70 leads per day x 20 working days = 1 400 leads per month

Q) Is that sustainable over a long-term period?

A) Yes, provided I do a couple of things mentioned below.

3. Change out your subject line

Email marketing is all about the subject line (anybody who tells you something different, is lying). I’ve seen really ugly email creatives do particularly well because the subject line ‘hook’ was really smart and the offering was appropriate. If you are looking to run a product/service into your email database over a long period of time (months and months) you need to change up your email subject line on a fairly regular basis. Rule of thumb – don’t let your database see the same email subject line more than once.

4. Change out your email creative

Less important that the email subject line, but still a requirement. How receptive would you be to a TV advert that was run again and again and again over an entire year? So, if you have an advert that you want to run into your database, with the same product or service again and again and again, you need to keep things fresh from a creative standpoint. It’s just logical.

5. Remove the people who have taken up your offer

Let’s assume that you are running an email marketing campaign to generate leads for a healthcare provider, selling an insurance product. If someone has applied for and taken up the offer, it makes sense to remove that person from your marketing list, right? What would the purpose be of marketing something to someone who had already taken up the offer? There is no point!

Just to recap

  1. Test to make sure your base likes the offer
  2. Set up a campaign to deliver evenly over a period of time
  3. Change up your subject line
  4. Change out your email creative
  5. Remove those people who have already taken up the offer
  6. Crack a beer and watch the leads come in

Or you could just get us to handle your email lead generation strategy.

Drop us a line if you want to chat.

Until next time.


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