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Would You Build Mobile Friendly Email If 90% Of Your Audience Were On PCs?

We barely use our cellphones for making calls anymore, do we? We use them for just about everything else, from scoring a hook-up on Tinder, to booking a lekker dinner at a trendy new Mexican joint (and then an Uber trip home after too many tequilas). And with so many people picking up stuff on their mobile devices nowadays, if your email isn’t built in responsive design (renders on phones and tablets), well you might feel like you are missing out.

So should you only ever be sending email built in responsive design? You would think the answer would be a resounding “YES”, but I’m inclined to believe that it depends very much on your audience, and I have used some of my learning, from this blog audience, to come to that conclusion.

Look, let’s get real here for a second – having a look at the type of devices people are using, to pick up your email, is probably a good starting point, right? Just about every email broadcasting platform (the software you use to deliver your email) provides some type of insight into the devices people are using when picking up your email communication.

If you want to know if you should be sending responsive emails, you need to know if your audience is picking up your email on mobile devices. Your assumption is that everyone is picking up email on mobile devices, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

I was having a look at the stats from this blog and the people who engage with my weekly email communication are as follows:

  • 90% are desktop users
  • 5% are mobile users
  • 5% are tablet users

Interesting, right? People are sitting behind PCs, picking up my mail.

Now, what this tells me is that if I was looking to build a snazzy HTML mailer for this blog audience, having it built in responsive design might be a consideration, but it wouldn’t be absolutely critical.

Had the stats indicated that 90% of the people engaging with the email are mobile users and 10% desktop users, well then the answer would simply be, “every mailer needs to be mobile friendly”.

To go a step further, 90% of my emails are being digested in the morning between 08H00 & 09H00.

  • One out of every two people who receive my email communication, open it.
  • Almost all of them pick up the email at work behind a PC
  • They clearly don’t mind the fact that email is in a text based format rather than HTML (the CTR rates suggest as much)

So my conclusion is that I don’t need a snazzy responsive HTML template for this particular audience.

But your email audience might be different. Have you checked?

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Brendan Els

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