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Did DSTV Get Your Permission To Run Adverts On Your TV?

SPAM…The unsolicited sending of bulk, direct marketing messaging. It’s an email marketers worst nightmare, and let’s be honest, people get rather irate when they receive unwanted marketing messages in their inbox, right? But I’m not entirely sure why. Here is my argument for direct marketing (and it’s a pretty good one)

Let me start off by asking you a question: Did DSTV get your permission to run adverts on your TV?

Think about that for second.

I’m not getting much change out of the R1o00 I shell out to DSTV every month, for the service they provide, but I don’t recall them ever getting my permission to hit me with advertising every 10 minutes.

My point is simply this – It is 2017 and you are being marketed to, from just about every angle, every second of the day. It’s not going to stop, it’s never going to stop and with more social media channels coming to the fore, and more people than ever using super-fast internet connections, consider yourself a ripe target for advertisers around the globe.

So if you haven’t given permission to DSTV to run advertising campaigns to you, and you don’t recall signing off on radio broadcasting either, then what is the issue when you get some marketing information dropped into your email inbox?

This is the real issue – It’s not so much the marketing itself, it’s the quality of the messaging. There is a lot of  really bad email marketing practices around.

But to say you didn’t give permission to be marketed to, just doesn’t hold much water when you think about all the advertising you get hit with, all day, everyday.

You don’t like it? Unsubscribe. I haven’t seen an ‘unsubscribe from TV adverts’ option yet, have you?

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