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We Helped A Big Green Insurance Giant Book R24 738 in Recurring Premium Income (Using Email And No Landing Page)

There are two things I want to highlight in this blog post. The first is that I had a hunch a few months back that you could completely eliminate an email landing page and still achieve a cracking sales conversion. We can put that theory to bed, because I’ve been vindicated with a successful email campaign that I can use to back up my argument (more about that to follow). The second point I want to make is that people actually do buy products and services from promotional email. You might not believe it, but over the last couple of months we’ve helped a big green insurance giant sell 800 funeral polices and book approximately R24 738 in recurring premium income (R300k over a year). And we did it with a clever email marketing strategy that didn’t even require people to leave their details for a call-back.

Want to know how we removed a critical step in the traditional email marketing process and still managed to deliver hundreds of sales for a client? Let’s get into that below.

Conventional email marketing wisdom would insist that you follow these steps when putting together your email marketing campaign.

  1. Segment your list (find your target audience)
  2. Send your email message
  3. Redirect someone, who has clicked in your email (expressed an interest), to a landing page, to collect their details
  4. Collect their details on the landing page, and by doing that, create a lead

Voila! The perfect process, right?conventional email marketing process

Not so much.

I have no problems with steps one and two in the process. It’s pretty clear you need to have an email marketing list to send your email into,right?

But here is a question worth asking:

If you have all your customers personal information already, why would you want to send them to a landing page to have them fill out their personal details again? What would the point of that be?

It’s never made much sense to me, so I had a hunch that if we removed the landing page step altogether and simply had the email click redirect to a “Thank You” page, we might take all the inefficiency out of the process and still be able to deliver a great lead to a client, who’s looking to make sales.

The problem I was facing was that less than 25% of people who clicked to a landing page actually took the time to complete the form. That means I was losing 75% of my interested parties every time I ran an email marketing campaign.

Why is that?

I couldn’t believe for a second that the people who clicked on the email had no interest in the product or service. Why would they click in the first place then? My gut feeling was that too many of them just didn’t have the time or the inclination to take another minute or two out of of their day to complete a klunky online form.

So here was my solution to the problem and I’ve decided to coin the process “Click-2-Call”

  1. Segment your list (find your target audience)
  2. Send your email message
  3. Redirect someone that has clicked your email to a “Thank You” page.
  4. No need to redirect them to a landing page click-2-call email marketing process

Imagine for a second you’ve signed up to a cool travel website. On a fairly regular basis they send out promotional email marketing material focused on discounted holiday deals. Something along the lines of “Get 30% off your Bali trip today”

You receive a promotional mailer in your inbox and this is a deal you are pretty interested in.

Which process would you prefer?

A) Being redirected to a klunky form on the site that takes forever to load and a few additional minutes to fill in your personal details again?

B) Just clicking on a link in the email and being re-directed to a “Thank You” page that indicates your details have been fired off and you just need to wait to get a call-back?

It’s a no brainer, right?

Back to the funeral policy campaign we are running for a big green insurance giant, using email and no landing page.

Using this Click-2-Call process here are the numbers from the last couple of months.

March – 3428 funeral leads generated x 18% sales conversion = 617 policies sold.

April – 821 funeral leads x 22% sales conversion = 181 policies sold.

A total of 798 policies sold x R31 average premium = R24 738 in recurring premium income.

Or R296 856 in premium income over a 12 month period (if you don’t apply a lapse rate and have a 100% collection).

Remember we didn’t redirect these leads to a form to ask people to leave their details, for a callback.

We simply asked interested parties to click the link in the mailer if they wanted a call-back and then passed their details directly onto the client.

It really doesn’t have to be more than this.

Time to wrap up this blog post.

Here is the takeaway info:

  • If you have all your customers details, our Click-2-Call email process will remove the landing page step.
  • That will dramatically increase the amount of leads you get per email campaign
  • Which in turn will give you a better chance to sell your product or service to more people

Need assistance with your email marketing? Drop us a line here.

Until next time.


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