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Your Service Or Product Is So Poor, No Amount Of Marketing Money Can Help

“You never sell the steak, you sell the sizzle, boet”

Those are the famous words of a sleazy sales manager I used to report into when I was 22. What he was trying to beat into me was the following:

When trying to make a sale:

  • Don’t focus on product spec (that is boring crap)
  • Focus on how the product makes the person feel (the sexy stuff)

I didn’t do too badly in that sales job. I was in the top 20% of the sales guys, only because I worked harder than everyone, not because I was a natural born salesman.

Life insurance isn’t a sexy product to sell and this product had no particular edge on the competition.

The guys who won awards back then didn’t know their product very well. Hell, they didn’t even work very hard either. But they could talk a hole in your head and have your signature on a form before you blinked an eye.

How times have changed…

“You never sell the steak, you sell the sizzle, boet”

Fun fact for the day Mr sales.

Apple don’t sell you on how the new I-phone makes you feel. They build products with awesome specs that make people’s eyes pop out of their skulls.

  • 1 week battery life (that would be RAD)
  • Dual Sim smaller than a pin head
  • Wireless headphones with a range of a mile and a set for your dog
  • 25% bigger
  • 50% lighter
  • Charges to full in 10 seconds
  • 100% water resistant

You understand all of these terms because you are wired to respond to these terms. While reading those bullet points, your brain was automatically doing this:

“mmm very nice……….interesting………unbelievable………is that even possible………….yippee…………..”

We are “feature creatures” with money in our pockets. And we are ready to buy, not to be sold to.

People who have average products or services to “sell” in an overcrowded market, sell you on everything but the product itself.

Why do you think that is?

No amount of marketing money is going to stick if your product or service is bad.

If you cant list 10 unique benefits of your product or service right now, you are in trouble. Save your marketing money and find a new company to join. One that has a product or service that people want.

Then drop us a line so we can show you how to market that product or service via email.

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