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Your Kids Will Be On Email Until They Die

When I see small kids with smart devices, thumbing around like their hands have been possessed by an evil Tech spirit, I’m in awe and a little frightened. I only picked up a cellphone for the first time 20 years ago. It looked like a brick and weighed a ton. I’m in email marketing for living, so I wonder about the future of email. Will these kids be working Outlook 2070? A version so sophisticated you’d basically just think about the email and the person you want to send it to and it would fire off in a nano second. An inbox in your mind…

Or will the technology become obsolete, like a fax machine?

I think your kids will be on email for their entire life and perhaps so will their kids.

And if you are a marketer that is good news.

Here is the reason: Email has made it onto smart watches. Now that we sport mini computers on our wrists, to track our daily steps and God knows what else, email has managed to make it onto these new ‘smart devices’.

We are so hell bent on making sure we don’t miss a beat (or an email) that we pick them up on our watches.

  • It’s a staple on smart phones
  • It’s a staple on smart watches
  • It’s ingrained into all our tech

Email is here to stay. It will be a very long time (perhaps never) before the words “email inbox” are used in the same sentence as “fax machine”.

The question is why aren’t you building up lists of emails to market into?

You know in your heart that email is going to be around for another hundred years.

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