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5 Reasons Why You Should Send SMS Into Your Email List

Could you send an SMS styled marketing message into an email inbox? The answer is “Yes” and in this blog post I will give you 5 reasons why you should try it.

According to one market research report I recently read, as of 2014, the global SMS messaging business was estimated to be worth over $100 billion, accounting for almost 50% of all the revenue generated by mobile messaging.

You might not like being on the receiving end of it, but if you thought SMS marketing was dead, think again!

So why does SMS marketing still work so well? It’s a good question. I think most of the success can be attributed to the fact that that the marketing message is condensed to no more than 160 characters.

You will be amazed at how creative you can get if you have to squeeze your sales pitch into 160 characters. All the fluff gets removed and you are left with the bare bones of the marketing message. Think about selling a new car in less than the 160 characters.  What would you say to get a response? Not that easy, is it?

SMS marketing is short, it’s to the point, and designed to have a strong call-to-action.

Does this message look familiar?

Hi Frank, Reply Yes (FREE) and get up to R1mil life cover from just R150pm. Get Life Company XYZ Life benefits today. ‘No’ to opt out. T&Cs apply.

This is the type of SMS you and I receive on a daily basis.

The message is crystal clear though – If you reply YES to this SMS, you will be called by Life Company XYZ, who can offer you up to R1 000 000 life cover from R150 per month.

So why would you send SMS to your email base?

First off, technically you can’t actually send an SMS to an email inbox (SMS is a mobile communication protocol), but that doesn’t mean you can’t send a “short message” to your email marketing list, that looks like an SMS message, you would get on your cellphone.

I recently asked myself the following question: What is SMS and would it work if I used the same concept in email marketing?

For me, SMS marketing is simple.

  1. Create a short marketing message (160 characters or less)
  2. Fire it off to your target market (it’s key that you hit your intended demographic)
  3. Pass the interested parties over to a partner for a fee
  4. Knock the cost of the SMS marketing off against the revenue earned and you have a profitable marketing campaign

Would it be possible to do the same with email marketing?

This is what I tested:

  1. I created a short marketing message that looked like an SMS
  2. I fired it off to my target market via email
  3. I had a way to monetize the interested parties (people that replied are interested)
  4. I knocked off my email marketing costs and made a lot of profit

Was it successful? Far more successful than I had anticipated.

I doubled my traditional email marketing conversion rate with every test I ran!

Why did it work and why should you try using it as an email marketing strategy to your customers?

Here are 5 reasons why an SMS styled message works when it’s sent to email inboxes:

  1. It doesn’t look like a conventional email marketing message, which means it’s new to the eye
  2. It’s straight to the point so you find the people that who are actually interested in your offer
  3. It’s easy to reply “Yes” rather than clicking through to a long form
  4. It’s delivered in plain text which means no potential HTML display issues
  5. You can position your entire pitch in the email subject line

If you would like me to email you an example of my test message, drop me a mail –

Until next time.


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