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90% Of Zimbabweans Would Prefer Uncle Bob Over Donald Trump

This is a truly scary statistic! A ruthless dictator over arguably America’s finest presidential pick (note the sarcasm…), who would have thought? It’s probably the hairdo if you ask me.

Now before you smear this blog post all over social media like sticky Marmite on a warm slice of toast, let me come clean and tell you that the statement is false! It’s a fib.

No I didn’t do it because I’m part of the “fake news” brigade, looking to reinstate Robert Mugabe.

I did it because I wanted to grab your attention and highlight the fact that any news (fake or not), delivered in the form of a statistic, grabs attention.

Did it work?

Have a look at these statements below:

  • 99% of our flights leave on time
  • 80% of SA women believe their husbands are terrible in bed
  • 40% of Taylor Swift fans are white men over the age of 50

Again, these statements aren’t true, but you can’t argue that the statements aren’t bold!

Why does advertising copy, with statistical information in it, work so well nowadays? Why do you see it on the front cover of magazines and billboards?

The short answer – It’s because our brains are becoming hardwired to wade through the quagmire of information, that rains down on us from the “cyberclouds” on a daily basis. To give our ‘kops’ a chance, we need to scan for snippets of information.

So, what does this have to do with email marketing? Everything, really.

In the last few weeks I’ve been introducing you to a few ways in which you can differentiate yourself when it comes to your email marketing strategy.

We have covered the Storyteller, the Giver and the Expert so far.

Now meet the Analyst.

The Analyst uses big data analysis as his core ingredient, to serve up small tasty canapes of statistical information that gets people eating from his marketing menu.

The Analyst understands the following:

  • Companies sit on huge amounts of data that could be turned into useful marketing material
  • People have short attention spans and need to be fed information in bite-size pieces
  • Content marketing is all about feeding people information, and statistics help reinforce an idea quickly

Do you have loads of data in your business? If your answer is ”yes” you should be using this as marketing ammunition.  Should you not be implementing an email marketing strategy into your database? 90% of you are sitting on this type of data, and less than 10% of you will do anything with it.

Now that is a shocking statistic!

Need help with your email marketing strategy? Drop us a line.

Until next time.


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