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Be Cool, Not Everyone Is Gonna Read All Your Email

What type of email marketing do you subscribe to? Mine is a combination of my personal likes and some industry experts (basically people and businesses I find interesting)

• Yes I subscribe to a few online retail mailers
• Yes I subscribe to a few deal-a-day mailers
• Yes I subscribe to a few travel mailers
• Yes I subscribe to a few music blogs
• Yes I subscribe to a few people I find interesting (like Seth Godin)
• Yes I subscribe to a few businesses I find interesting

Do I get around to reading each and every email I subscribe to? The answer is “No”.
Have I therefore decided to “unsubscribe” from any of the mailers I follow? The answer is “No”

So what conclusions can we draw from this?

• Very few people are going to read every bit of email communication you send to them.
• Most people will engage with your email communication once in a while, when their interest is sparked.
• Very few people will unsubscribe unless you bombard them with too many emails or your content becomes stale.

If you are an email marketer and people are allowing you to send them emails, then you are winning.
If more and more people are unsubscribing, then you are losing.

It is that easy.

Until next week


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