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Find Out How A Pool Guy That Was Bankrupt Cracked The Internet

I’m reading an interesting book by a guy called Marcus Sheridan.

He had a pool business in the US that was failing after the financial crisis unexpectedly hit in 2008.

He had a decision to make.

Close the pool business and file for bankruptcy or reinvent his business.

This is what he decided to do.

He sat down at his kitchen table and wrote out the top 100 questions his clients had been asking him about fibreglass pools:

  • How much does it cost to install a fibreglass pool?
  • What are the pitfalls of a fibreglass pool?
  • What are the ongoing maintenance costs?

So he decided to build a website and started answering these FAQs online.

He had one mission – Be the go-to-guy online when it comes to fibreglass pools.

Turns out it was a stoke of genius. Nobody was playing in this space online and to cut a long story short 10 years later he owns the online pool business and is a multi-millionaire. Nobody sells more fibreglass pools than Marcus Sheridan.

70% of people who make purchases nowadays have already made up their mind before entering your store.

And in most cases they are going to the internet for answers to their questions before deciding how they are going to spend their money. If you think content marketing is just a buzz word you are missing the point.

What are the pressing questions people have about your service or product?

Are you doing enough to answer these questions? You know your business better than anyone. If you’ve been asked the same question a thousand times, there is a good chance a thousand more people want the answer to the same question.

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