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Should Your Email + Content Marketing Be Outsourced?

If you have a braai at your home, would you outsource the actual braaing to a friend or family member?

It would depend on your braai skills, wouldn’t it?

If you like to braai, and there isn’t much risk of you offering up a “burnt sacrifice” to your guests, why hand the tongs over to someone else?

Some guys like to braai and others don’t. It all about confidence and your abilities.

It’s the same in business.

Any function that is outsourced is done because the business feels the outsourced partner is:

1. Better
2. Cheaper
3. Faster

If you have a sense that content marketing (and let’s throw email marketing into this as well) is something your business should be looking at, you have two choices.

1. Build out the business function in-house.
2. Outsource the marketing function.

If I was in your business I would start with this:

1. I would identify the best story teller in the marketing department.

2. I would ask that person to come up with a great piece of content which you could include in your current marketing initiatives.

Maybe that person exists in your business. You should find out.

If they don’t, contact us and we’ll send you some more information about how we can become that person in your business.

Until next week.


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