Direct marketing

For God’s Sake Man, Please Incentivize Your Campaign!

Let’s face it, nowadays we are only moved to action when there is something in it for us, right? Without a seriously BIG carrot, very few of us pay attention to anything anymore (let alone marketing or advertising). And that’s not so much our fault, our internal firewalls are just set to  hyper-filter mode in order to cut out all the “fluffy B&%$#@” and only allow our 3 pound grey-matter to focus on anything that is super interesting, completely out of the ordinary or focuses on the only question that really matters to us – What’s in it for me?

Am I right in saying this?

As an advertiser 15 years ago, all you needed to do was take the car you wanted to sell, identify your target audience, spend a few bucks on highlighting the features and benefits, in a TV advert and sit back while the orders rolled in.

Why isn’t that enough anymore?

Because I can get 10 cars with the same features and benefits at exactly the same price point today. So what else are you going to offer me to make the sale, Mr Advertising Guy?

This is the type of stuff you start seeing in TV commercials as a result (and it didn’t exist 5 years ago)

  • “Buy now and only pay in Jan 2017”
  • “Guaranteed buy-back”
  • “Free insurance for a year”

The car is no longer the focus of the advert, it’s the add-ons that are the hook. The so-called value adds…

And fair game to the marketers / advertisers who come up with this stuff. It’s a competitive space out there and you have to have a clever hook nowadays, otherwise your messages just doesn’t get heard.

Now the reason I bring this up is only because I recently had a potential client, who insisted that their service offering was indeed a good enough hook to attract tens of thousands of new people to their emailing list.

The brief was simple: Get people to subscribe to their mailing list.

What wasn’t that simple was trying to convince the prospective client that in order to get thousands of people to subscribe to their mailing list we needed to give them a reason to subscribe. That as much as they believed their service offering was so WOW, people ultimately don’t care.

“What’s in it for them?”

That is indeed the question everyone needed to ask themselves.

I never did get the greenlight to run the campaign with an incentive, so I turned it down.

Turns out someone else sparked up a campaign, then it was paused, then it started again and finally it died a horrible death.


Because nobody moves nowadays without a big carrot.

Remember that next time you want to get your campaign off the ground (or your kids to do the dishes).

I can’t help you with your kids, but I can help you with your sms or email marketing campaigns. Drop me a line if you want to chat.

Until next time