Email marketing

Grab A Slice Of The Email Pie By Being A Cut Above The Rest

To say that I subscribe to a lot of email newsletters is a gross understatement! I subscribe to a ton of newsletters and basically have a dedicated email address set up just for my daily email subscription drop. Deal-a-day sites, stuff for dudes, hard hitting journalism and even a weekly tattoo newsletter…to name but a few. If you can name an email newsletter, you can bet your bottom dollar I’m subscribed to it.

And here is a little something I’ve picked up, trawling through endless subscription mailers day after day – the ones that are a cut above the rest have only two things in common:

They are consistent and relevant.

If you are sending email, the only question you need to be asking yourself is: “Are we being consistent and remaining relevant?”

Why is consistency key?

Because we are creatures of habit and we like everything in our life to be systematic and orderly. People that tell you they embrace change are lying through their teeth! Who wants change in their life? Change sucks. Change is work and work is effort and 99% of us, roaming around this rock, don’t want to exert more energy than is absolutely necessary.

When it comes to information consumption in the 21st century, consistency is key. There is so much information to consume that if we don’t have it delivered in an orderly fashion, our eyes just roll back and the drapes get drawn. Part of an email marketers job is to make sure the message he is delivering, is delivered when the end user expects it to be.

I want my morning news email delivered in my email inbox when I have my coffee at 07H15. 08H00 is too late because by then I have a mountain of other s%#@ to start dealing with. 07H30 is a push because my mind is already starting to prioritize my daily ‘to-do list’.

And I want my deal-a-day mailer delivered every day, not every second day (and believe me I have subscribed to some deal-a-day sites that don’t deliver every day)

You get my drift. Being consistent day in and day out is what separates the great email marketing from the good.

But consistency without relevance means nothing, right?

You can deliver your email to me at exactly 07H15 every morning but unless your message is relevant, you’ve wasted your time. Remain irrelevant and I soon become disinterested and basically a dormant worthless record in your database.

Understanding your audience is key to remaining relevant, so take your time and get your team to work out what it is that your subscribers like, don’t like or potentially might like. Then just give them the stuff they like and don’t over-complicate things.

Consistency and relevance – these are what count the most.

Remember, drop me a line if you need any assistance with your email marketing strategy or delivery.

Until next time.