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I Reckon I Could Take Roger Federer If He Wasn’t An Expert

It goes without saying that Roger Federer is an expert at playing tennis. He might not do his own tax returns, or cook for his family, but when it comes to tennis, you would put him in the expert category, wouldn’t you? A quick Google search of the word ‘expert’ will reinforce what you already know. An expert – is a person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area.

When building an audience, why is it important to be seen as an expert?

TRUST is the answer.

We trust expert opinion. If someone has spent 10 years studying to be a cardiac surgeon, we TRUST that they have the expertise to get the job done.

When you take your car to the local mechanic, you trust he will do a good job. You don’t know for a fact that he has the skill, but because he has a signboard on a wall that says auto-service, you assume he is an expert in the field of repairing cars.

Do we trust more than we should? Probably. But that isn’t the point. The point is we rely on trust every day to make pretty big decisions.

Marketing is all about trust.

Brands spend billions of Dollars on building trust with customers. Trust leads to a sales funnel that doesn’t have resistance.

Every time you walk into a McDonalds you don’t question the process, the cost or quality. They’ve done enough to earn your trust, and as a result you pull a handful of cash out of your pocket and spend with ease.

Do you have your customer’s email addresses? Are you communicating with them via email?

Are you coming off as an expert?

In my last few blog posts, I’ve been highlighting different email marketing strategies that you can use in your quest to connect with your email list.

The Storyteller weaves a story and takes the reader on a journey. The Giver, hands his best work away for FREE because he wants to add value and build trust.

The Expert, well the expert makes it his mission to be seen as an expert, because he understands the immense value we all place on expert opinion.

What do you need in order to become an expert in the eyes of your target audience?

• A dedicated focus to one thing (you can’t be a professional tennis player and a Michelin Star chef)
• A plan to communicate about your expertise, to your email list, on a regular basis
• A desire to be the best at what you do (because it will come through in your communication)

Anyone who makes a living doing something specific, can call themselves an expert in my mind.

Even people who sell beds can argue that they are the experts in the art of creating blissful sleep. The trick is to tell everyone the buck stops with you when it comes to a good snooze!

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Until next time.