Email marketing

The Giver 

It’s really tough to produce something of value and give it away for free. Why is that exactly? In a dog-eat-dog world, where time is money, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch – the idea of handing something of value away, for free, seems down-right idiotic.

Surely you can’t get ahead if you keep giving stuff away for free?

So why do it then?

Answer: Reciprocity

The unspoken universal law that suggests that if you do something for me I will do something, in return, for you.

Last week we spoke about adopting different types of email marketing strategies and how storytelling is a great way to connect with your audience. In this blog post I’m going to touch on the art of giving and why it’s the best marketing strategy to follow. Only a handful of people, reading this post, will ultimately follow through with it.

The Giver

I recently read a content marketing book and in the book there was a story about a guy who had a small pool business in the USA. He worked hard and did OK, but he really wanted to share his decades worth of pool knowledge with everybody around the country.

So he started a blog, got all his clients to start subscribing, via email, and started giving his knowledge away for FREE every week.

He produced valuable content on everything, from how to install a pool yourself to which chemicals to use, and he didn’t charge a dime for his handy tips.

7 years is all it took.

He now has the biggest pool business in the USA and is worth millions of Dollars.

Do you think it’s coincidence that a guy, committed to trying to help every American with his pool problems, by giving his knowledge away for free, is now the biggest pool guy in the country? In actual fact, this story doesn’t surprise you at all!

You know his success is directly attributed to the fact that his intention was pure. He wanted to help the country with pool problems, by giving his knowledge away for free. The entire country picked up on it and wanted to do business with him.

Here is your biggest obstacle – If you sell life insurance, how do you convince your boss to give away a premium over Christmas every year?

If you have a cool corner coffee shop, how do you work a free coffee into your offering or offer a free course on how to brew the best cuppa Java?

If you specialize in divorce law, how do you start a forum and give up your time to help people with their questions for free?

The Giver not only undertsands the value of ‘FREE’, he makes it happen.

If  you really try and add value and ask for nothing in return, people will pick up on it, see it for what it is, connect with you and become a loyal client over time.

Oh and email just happens to be a great channel for FREE.

Until next time.