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I’m Calling B*#% S*$@ When It Comes To Promo Email Landing Pages…

Do you want to know why your promotional email marketing campaign is delivering “luke warm” results and only a handful of leads per send? It has far less to do with your data profiling and your messaging, than you think. The real reason why your promotional email marketing campaign underperforms again and again is because of one critical step in the process, which I believe can be removed completely.

Far too many people, who click on promotional mailers, don’t convert into a lead once they have been redirected to a landing page. That’s the point of this blog post and it’s an important statement because it ends up costing email marketers as much as 75% of their potential leads.

If all of this isn’t making much sense to you and feels a bit too technical, don’t worry. Let’s take a step back and quickly cover the basic steps involved in generating a lead via a promotional email marketing campaign:

  • First off, you need a marketing list to email into (no brainer)
  • Then you build your advert (email creative) and come up with a cracking subject line to grab the inbox recipient’s attention.
  • You take your advert you’ve been painfully labouring over for 100 hours and deliver it into your email marketing list and if you’ve done enough with your subject line and your email creative (sales pitch), the end result is that some people who receive your marketing message in their inboxes will click a link in your mailer and be re-directed to a landing page (a web page designed to capture details).
  • Once on the landing page they fill in their details and voila, you have a lead generated via your email marketing campaign.

Seems simple enough.

But here is the issue – In my experience fewer than 25% of people who click on a promotional mailer link, will turn into a lead when redirected to a landing page.

Now why is that exactly?

If someone is interested in what you are trying to sell them it makes very little sense that they would click on your sales copy (indicate that they are interested) and then not convert into a lead on a capture form.

Here is the answer – You are asking them to do too much! That’s the plain and simple truth.

They’ve indicated they are interested and now they have to wait while a landing page loads, so they can take another two minutes out of their day to fill in their details. It’s just too much effort and in an instant, you’ve lost that person.

Is there a way to bypass the landing page step altogether?

It’s taken me a while to understand this because any email marketing handbook you will ever pick up suggests that pushing someone to a landing page is the next logical step in the process. I’m calling BS when it comes to promotional email marketing landing pages.

Let’s assume I have an email marketing list that not only includes your email address, but also your first name and cellphone details. Let’s also assume that I can track every mailer link click back to the data base record that clicked it. If that’s the case, then why would I need to push you to a landing page? The step seems redundant.

We’ve spent the last 6 months rethinking the way promotional email marketing should work and taking steps, like landing pages, out of the process altogether.

Drop us a line if you want to market your product or service via email. I can guarantee you a result because we think about this stuff more than anyone else.

Until next time.