Content Marketing

Nobody Cares About Your Product Or Service :(

When you finally understand that people don’t care about your products or services, and that all they care about are their needs, you will turn the proverbial marketing corner.

It’s a helluva tough pill to swallow, isn’t it?

Our role as marketers isn’t to sell people products or services. Our role as marketers is to identify with customer pain points and to provide solutions.

Case in point:

I’ve recently started playing a lot more golf. The long walks and occasional great hole keep me going back for more. Unfortunately I’m at that stage every golfer reaches where I’m battling to improve my score (mid 90s) and my long iron play, which sucks, is compounding my misery.

My pain point in a nutshell:

I can’t reach the green in two shots because I can’t hit a long iron to save my life!

  • It wouldn’t help trying to sell me a complete new set of golf clubs.
  • It wouldn’t help trying to sell me a golf lesson.
  • It wouldn’t help trying to sell me a set of long-distance neon golf balls designed by Elon Musk.

But if you happen to have a 4 iron hybrid club that could enable me to hit the ball 180 metres,  I’m looking to buy it today.

I found the exact club I need, because it turns out a specific golf manufacturer has identified with my pain point and they came up with a solution for ‘useless’ golfers like me.

So what is the take away?

People have specific pain points and as a marketer our job is to tap into those needs. Nobody is buying golf clubs. Everyone is buying the solutions the golf clubs offer.

Has the club helped? Sure it has.

But now my short game has gone to hell in a handbasket 🙂