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How We Sold Legal Cover Via Email At A 20% Conversion Rate

A client of ours recently tasked us with generating Legal Cover leads for them. Using our cool SMS4Email™ email product, we knocked out the leads at a 20% conversion rate. The client is super-stoked with the result, and we thought this campaign would be an excellent case study.

Watch the video below:

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Email marketing

As Marketers We Still Don’t Ask Direct Questions

We are all selling something, right? Then why is it that we are so afraid to ask simple, yet direct, questions, in order to generate sales?

  • Are you in the market for a new laptop?
  • Does your company need back-up software?
  • Do you need pet insurance?
  • Do you need chemicals to keep your pool blue?
  • Would you like to get away to the bush next weekend?

Let’s look at the last question for a second: Would you like to get away to the bush next weekend?

Ask yourself that question right now.

Here are the most likely answers your mind will ping back, without you even thinking about it:

  • No thank you
  • Yes, where can I make a booking
  • Yes, but it depends on…

Now, the “Yes, it depends on…” might come with a few conditions. Those conditions could be affordability and accessibility, but you’ve already made up your mind and provided you can get the deal to work, you will probably find yourself in the bush next weekend.

The mind has 80 000 thoughts a day. Seems odd, that if you have a marketing message, you wouldn’t get straight to the point. We are all so busy these days, that if your marketing message isn’t specific & addressing a direct need, it will get lost in amongst the 79 999 other thoughts the brain is juggling.

But as marketers, we don’t do that, do we? We don’t ask simple questions, because that would seem too easy. We’ve been taught to identify target audiences and sell benefits and use subtle, persuasive techniques to generate wishy washy interest.

Does this sound familiar?

Book a 3 night stay in the bush, which includes all your meals & a free game drive!

There is a flaw in the logic.  How can you start pushing benefits when you haven’t established interest?

At Manalytics we believe tradition email marketing is kaput. Nobody makes money sending boring promotional email anymore. Watch our 90 second video about our innovative email marketing product called SMS4Email™

We ask direct questions in an email marketing message and wait for email audiences to reply “Yes, I’m interested”

Here is a direct question.

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