Content Marketing

Why Your “Why” Matters Far More Than The “What”


The Golden Rule of communication is the following: What you have to say matters far less than why you are communicating.

Our job as marketers is to identify the “why” and to make sure we relay that information to our audience effectively.

Here is an example:

MyPet is an insurance company that specializes in hospital cover for dogs and cats. We currently have 5000 pet insurance policies on books and we are underwritten by Floyds of London. Our offices are located in Johannesburg and Cape Town.


Everyone at MyPet owns a cat or a dog. And it’s for that specific reason that we get up everyday and come to work. Our mission is simple: Make sure every South African pet owner can get a good night’s sleep knowing “Fiddo” or “Jinxy” is getting the best medical treatment possible.

It’s pretty obvious to spot, right? The first bit of copy focuses on the “What”.

  • This is what we do
  • This is what we sell
  • This is what our underwriters name is

The second bit of copy focuses on the “Why”.

  • This is why we do what we do

Even if you don’t own a pet, you would need to lift your hand and say that the second bit of copy was far more compelling. Why is it that so many companies are still telling us what they do, rather than why they do what they do?

People don’t just buy what you do, people mainly buy why you do it!

Until next time